Announcement: OFCCP New Directive 2022-02

On March 31, 2022, OFCCP issued a new directive to promote effective enforcement of its equal employment opportunity laws. The new directive, DIR 2022-02, Effective Compliance Evaluations and Enforcement, provides updated guidance on agency compliance evaluation policies and expectations for contractors. 

Among other things, DIR 2022-02 provides an update on OFCCP’s scheduling procedures, and notably includes a statement indicating that while “OFCCP will continue to post a CSAL to notify contractors that they are included in OFCCP’s scheduling list”, “OFCCP will no longer delay scheduling of contractors for 45 days after issuance of a CSAL.  As of the effective date of the directive, OFCCP may begin scheduling contractors upon the publication of the CSAL.” 

Additional information regarding DIR 2022-02 can be found in the OFCCP bulletin distributed on March 31st.