Settlement: SHRM will pay $221K, Improve Program Accessibility to Settle ADA Suit

Americans with disabilities are gaining ground toward working and living more inclusively.  Sometimes, progress comes at the expense of a lawsuit.  See Ruffa vs. SHRM, where a settlement was reached where SHRM is to pay in excess of two-hundred thousand dollars, and will provide transcripts (podcasts) and captions (certain videos) moving forward.

The below link is to an article by HRDive that describes the case against SHRM and their decision to settle via fines and actions.

The settlement agreement seems to focus on how to better handle accommodations for those who are deaf and specifically references need for podcast transcripts and captions for videos.

Sierra Group has 30 years of serving to Corporations and HR professionals who are continuously called to task to comply with the ADA.   Compliance leads to inclusion, yet both require ongoing awareness and ongoing actions. Sierra Group now actively consults on digital accessibility in addition to reasonable accommodations.  They expand their team which now include experts in digital accessibility as consultants, for developer training, and for remediation work.   

For more Information about the Sierra Group, contact Sierra Group’s founder and CEO, Janet D. Fiore who has championed both disability rights and inclusive practices for businesses since 1992, via email: or by phone: 800.973.7687.